Campaigning is an important area of work for Citizens Advice Flintshire.

The stories our clients tell us provide a unique insight into the problems faced by people in Flintshire, and the UK.

We collect evidence of clients’ problems and use this to campaign for changes in national and local policies, practices and procedures to ensure that more people are saved from having bad experiences.

We have a key role in speaking up for clients, raising issues brought to our attention, contributing to public debate and informing legislation.

We support national campaigns delivered by Citizens Advice and plan, organise and deliver local campaigns on issues we believe have a particular significance for Flintshire residents.


  • We are independent and impartial so policymakers listen to us.
  • Our Campaigns team monitor trends, identify issues, and consider how to resolve problems at their root cause.
  • One of our aims as a local Citizens Advice office is to improve the policies and practices that affect people’s lives.
  • You can get involved by supporting our campaigns and helping us change things for the better.


Support our local campaigns and help us change things for the better

1.Campaign for improvements to PIP for people with mental health problems

If you’re transferring from Disability Living Allowance (DLA) to Personal Independence Payments (PIP) or claiming PIP for the first time and you have a mental health condition, we’d be really interested to hear about your experiences for our research.

2.Hidden homelessness

Homelessness statistics within Flintshire currently capture only those classed as homeless and eligible for accommodation. However, the vast majority of homeless people exist out of sight in bed and breakfasts, on the floors or sofas of friends and families or sleeping rough. We are currently undertaking research into whether hidden homelessness is an issue in and around the Flintshire area. We hope that through running this campaign we can help to raise awareness and to provide assistance to people who may be faced with homelessness in our county.

3. Increased reporting of hate crime and discrimination

Following the EU referendum vote there has been an increase in hate crime incidents towards ethnic minorities particularly towards people from within the EU. There have been reports of this occurring nationwide therefore we feel it’s important that we raise public awareness and challenge discriminatory attitudes. We champion equality and are committed to challenging all forms of prejudice that threaten to undermine the tolerance and diversity we are meant to be celebrating. By taking a stance on this important issue we hope to demonstrate that this behavior will not be tolerated in an equal, diverse and democratic society.