Parent Partnership Service

  • Supporting children with additional learning needs
  • Providing advice and support for parents/guardians
  • Attending school meetings
  • Resolving disputes
  • Appeals – Special Education Needs Tribunal for Wales

Working together for children with additional learning needs

Flintshire Parent Partnership Service provides advice, information and support for parents/guardians of children with additional learning needs.

Our service aims to empower and assist parents with information and support in connection to the learning needs of their child. Our Parent Partnership Caseworker can help parents to understand the procedures, express their views and deal with paperwork.

Families of children with additional learning needs often face issues causing great difficulties and strain within the family circle, their education and social life is also affected. We are able to provide a holistic service in addressing the client’s needs and helping to improve the family’s situation. Holistic advice includes advising on a range of queries and also signposting families to the available support network to promote inclusion and ensure that children’s lives are improved.

Enquiry areas:- 

Statutory assessments, statements, Individual Education Plans, exclusions, extra support in school, bullying, uniform costs, annual reviews, transport, school transitions and attendance.

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