Meet our volunteers

Louise Johnson


Louise wanted a career change after doing childcare all her life. She found a part time job in customer service which left her with a free day each week to volunteer.

“There is no typical day at Citizens Advice Flintshire for me. I do a combination of face to face advice and Adviceline gateway assessments. Being a gateway assessor is like being a triage nurse, listening and finding solutions or making appointments. It feels good helping people and giving back to the community. There is also a great crowd that work and volunteer at Citizens Advice Flintshire and I look forward to my days volunteering alongside them”.

“I have learnt a lot in a variety of areas that previously I didn’t know much about such as benefits, debt, mental health, consumer and discrimination issues. In the future I hope to find a better customer service position ideally with a day off for me to be able to continue volunteering for this organisation”.

Abby Hughes

Abby Hughes

Always smiling with a great sense of humour, Abby started volunteering September 2015. She manages our database but also volunteers as a receptionist.

“I wanted to volunteer for Citizens Advice Flintshire as some of my close friends and family have used the service before. From this I knew exactly what the charity was about and this inspired me to volunteer myself. Volunteering on reception I see people from all walks of life with all sorts of different issues. I enjoy the variety of the work most. It’s enabling me to learn new skills. The social aspect is great as well”.

“Volunteering is keeping me busy, makes me feel useful and it gives me purpose and fulfillment. I’m not really sure about the future but I know that the skills I have gained will come in handy whatever I decide to pursue.”